Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol

Running the older sims in DOS

can be tricky or near impossible! Here are a few hints from Dave Whiteside at Rowan Software on getting Dawn Patrol up and running on newer PC's.

  • Modern PC's have enough DOS to run this (Win98 is based on DOS).
  • Dawn Patrol works with a TnT2 (though not in accelerated mode)
  • There is no way we can upgrade these DOS games to work with modern 3D cards - it would require a great lump of effort to get it to fit in the available memory space and DOS does not speak to D3D
However if you want to try and run it you will need to set up a shortcut to run Dawn Patrol.

to do so :-
  • create a shortcut to control.exe
  • change all the memory settings to auto
  • save that
  • it should now run in 320x200
  • you can get it to run at 640x400 with a bit of fiddling
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