Published by Microprose, Dogfight was released on Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC platforms.

I bought the Atari version and was blown away by the smooth and "complex" graphics and variety of gameplay. The graphics looked nothing at all like the splash screen, the gameplay being state of the art early 1990's shaded polygon models.

Splash screen

One outstanding innovation for the time was the inclusion of virtual cockpits with padlock view. The Atari graphics looked much crisper than the PC version, probably because the Atari hardware and monitors were optimised for the low screen resolution whereas PC monitors displayed the 320 x 200 graphics as chunky rectangular pixel blocks.


  • WWI : Sopwith Camel Vs Fokker Triplane.
  • WWII : Spitfire MkII Vs Me109E.
  • KOREA : F-86A Sabre Vs MiG15 "Fagot".
  • VIETNAM : F-4J Phantom Vs MiG21 "Fishbed".
  • FALKLANDS : Sea Harrier FRS1 Vs Mirage III.
  • ISRAEL : F-16A Vs MiG23 "Flogger".

Commodore Amiga

Scenario and aircraft | Cockpits and weapons | Gameplay

Dogfight by Microprose - video