Exhibit - Dreamfleet Cardinal
Release Date - 2002
Platform - PC
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.
Developer -
Publisher - www.flight1.com
In collection - No
Comments - Dreamfleet Cardinal was published by www.flight1.com in 2002. It added N1384C, a 1978 Cessna 177B operated by Knoxville Flyers, a flying club based in Knoxville, Tennessee to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.


Complete Moving Parts

Ailerons, rudder, stabilator, rudder, and flaps all move. The wheels turn, and both cabin door and baggage door open and close. With the press of a key, you can even tie it down, and put the chocks and pitot tube cover in place!

Visible Interior and Passengers.

Fuselage and Lighting Reflections.

Accurate Flight Dynamics.


Authentic Lycoming O-360 engine sounds All of the usual switch "clicks", gyro sounds, and fuel pump sound.



The ever popular "T-o-M" returns to the Cardinal, from its previous appearance in our 737 and Archer. With T-o-M you can repaint your Cardinal in any scheme you would like, or download paint schemes produced by others. Then use T-o-M to create an entirely new aircraft model, that sports this new paint scheme, and aircraft complete with all the features listed above. By using T-o-M you can create an entire fleet of Cardinals!


  • Select certain features for your Cardinal, such as type of autopilot, or whether or not you wish to load the 2D interior views to supplement the Virtual Cockpit.
  • Set the various weights for your passengers and baggage
  • Change the color of the cockpit's dome light, and the instrument back lighting
  • Adjust the airframe hours on the tachometer
  • Assign certain custom keyboard commands
  • Choose the type of avionics you desire


All documentation is included on the CD in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is also included on the CD. "

screenshot - Dreamfleet Cardinal screenshot - Dreamfleet Cardinal screenshot - Dreamfleet Cardinal
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