European Air War recreated the air battles over Europe during World War 2. European Air War recreated the air battles over Europe during World War 2.
Title - European Air War

Setting up European Air War

Note - In 1998 the most common operating system was Windows 98.

Download the 1.1 patch -  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Download the 1.2 patch - available here,KB=eaw" - If you still have problems read the Microprose EAW FAQ  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Read what the patch fixes.

Running under Win XP

 >> 2006 update >> .. maybe.... - a guide to XP setup and a guide to the mods

Yes, apparently it will run under XP - but not with an NVIDIA video card and drivers later than version 66.93 :

" Video Driver Updates- If you have an Nvidia GeForce card, forget what you know about always upgrading to the latest driver. For EAW you must use a driver version 66.93 or earlier. Anything later will give you the dreaded Error 7217. I recommend you stick with version 66.93, as it is the latest EAW-friendly driver. You can get it from Nvidia here. Warning!- some newer games require a driver later than version 66.93. If so, you may break those games if you "downgrade" to 66.93. Nvidia has been made aware of the problem, but there is no promise of a fix. I often try later drivers when they come out, only to end up going back to 66.93"

However help was found at the www.simhq.comforums HERE - go to this forum thread for the links

  1. Do a new install of the sim
  3. Install Sydbod's v.1.26e patch
  4. use Mr. Jelly's fixed (MENU) files
After a fresh install and following the instructions above I still received "the dreaded Error 7217.". Currently I use a GeForce 6600 GTgraphics card with 91.31 drivers. Roll back is not an option as I run a lot of different sofware.


Saitek X36 owners note:
I had problems when mapping the "snap views" to the hat switch. The stick would lock in flight. Using the function key view options seemed to fix this.

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