EF 2000 - Eurofighter.
EF 2000
Comments - EF 2000 first saw the light of day (a gloomy Scandinavian day at that! ) in 1995. It's roots lay in F-29 Retaliator and TFX but it went much, much further, breaking new ground in combat flight fidelity.

From engine start, sorry, I meant TWO engine starts, you knew this was a new kind of flight sim experience.

"Taxiing quickened the pulse as the Eurofighter bobbed and bounced on its suspension. Sunlight glinted through the canopy, wheel brakes on, engine spooled up and the beast was straining at the leash.

Eurofighter over Scandinavia

Brakes off and the tyres rumbled... 120 knots and the dragon leapt into the air."

MiGMan, 1998

Air refuelling in EF2000

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Landing in EF2000

F-29 Retaliator by Digital Image Design

F-29 Retaliator