Earth 2150

The controls are about the most user-friendly I've seen in an RTS game. Menus pop up and disappear as required - there are keyboard short cuts to everything - I used my Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander.

You can tweak the AI of your units, individually or in groups. Don't you hate how units commit suicide rushes in most RTS games? Well I do - and Earth 2150 let's you order them to HOLD POSITION!! But that's just the beginning. You can program them to act as the dumbest of battle droids to sophisticated units that will harrass then retire at a certain level of damage.

The game also has a recorder - I remember this feature from Earth 2140 - which allows you to record a sequence of actions for a group of units then execute them on command. Let's say you wanted to attack an enemy base from different directions. You would store the attack routes then give the execute command to the groups (almost) simultaneously.

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