Earth 2150
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The box claims as minimum a Pentium 233 with 32 MEG RAM and a Voodoo 1 card with 4 MEG RAM. This would be pretty optimistic in my opinion. Having looked at the graphics in reviews I was doubtful it woul d even run well on my Celeron-466.

Well was I surprised when the game ran smoothly with graphics maxxed out (except for view range - I set that to about 40 %). That was with 64 MEG RAM.

Earth 2150 lookes like I expected Tiberian Sun and Dark Reign 2 to look like. The programmers use all the 3DFX I've grown to love - dynamic lighting - smoke trails - shadows and damn fast polygon movement!

Bear in mind that this action and these sceenshots were through my Creative 3D Blaster Banshee, which is far from state of the art in 2001.

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