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Executive  Jets Executive  Jets
Exhibit - Executive Jets
Release Date - 2000
Platform - PC
Developer -
Publisher - Flight One
In collection - No.
Comments - Added the Cessna Citation X and the Hawker 800 XP to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

Features :

  • Panoramic 360-degree cockpit views - you can even see the luxurios passenger cabin behind you.
  • Programmable FMC - supporting FS2000 flight plans.
  • Animated gear and control surfaces - gear, gear doors, flaps, elevators, rudder, spoilers and ailerons all move smoothly and realistically.
  • Superb detailing - such as 3D gear bays and rotating engine fans.
  • You can see the crew inside and the working 'clamshell' thrust reversers on the Citation.
  • Night lighting effects - include landing lights, cabin lights and working strobes.
Box Art - Executive Jets
Executive Jets Executive Jets Executive Jets Executive Jets

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