Exhibit - F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations
Release Date - 1998
Platform - PC
Developer - Janes Combat Simulations
Publisher -
In collection - Yes
Comments - F-15 by Janes has to be the Strike Fighter Sim of the Millenium! Although it does have a formidable Air to Air capability in terms of Radar and ordnance, it is about half way down the ladder in manoeuverability... not a dogfight machine! But for fans of the Strike Aircraft community... F-111, A-6 Intruder, Tornado... 1998 was hog heaven! NOTE: The Air Superiority version is called the F-15C, a single seater. The F-15E has added conformal fuel packs, a rear seater and a lot more weight.    The Cockpits
   Landing the F15
   Air Combat
   Ground Hog heaven!
   POL Storage
   Tu-62 Tupelov
   MiG-29 Fulcrum
   Night Flight
   In conclusion
   Hardware Requirements

The ground detail is amazing with thousands or bridges, airbases, refineries, SAM sites....
Ground detail is amazing with thousands of bridges, airbases, refineries and SAM sites.

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