Exhibit - F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations


As I said at the beginning, the F15E is about "moving mud" and this is where the sim excels. Not since Digital Integration's Tornado (1993), has the world of low level attack been so exciting.

The flying gas station....
The flying gas station ...

On the way home from most missions you'll have to refuel... and this is a sim within a sim! Your backseater coaches you in... but a lot of practice is required. Fortunately there is a "cheat mode".

The F-15E carries an impressive load of ironmongery!
An impressive load of ironmongery!

This is a solid, stable sim which succeeds in recreating the complex environment of modern aerial combat without excessive hardware demands. F15 needs Win95/98. It runs well on a P233, sensational with a 3DFX card added! It runs extremely smoothly on a P233MMX with 64 Meg RAM and a Creative Banshee card.

It's worth mentioning that the sim has a "casual player" mode too, with much simplified controls, flight model and avionics.

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