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Exhibit - F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations


F15 features not one, but two fully featured cockpits for you to play in! And joy, oh joy, they are operated by the mouse... point and click.

The F-15E has 2 crew members, the pilot and the Weapons Systems Officer, or WSO for short.

Inexplicably, Janes decided to drop the option of 2 humans playing in one aircraft. (This feature was present in F15 Strike Eagle 3).

It is entirely possible to fly missions from the front seat only... but for strike missions involving precision munitions you'll probably appreciate the flexibility in having 7 MFD's configured.

Front Cockpit of the F-15E Strike Eagle

Rear cockpit of the F-15E Strike Eagle

Front cockpit of the F-15E Strike Eagle with Forward Looking Infra Red

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