F-15 Strike Eagle I - 1985 F-15 Strike Eagle I - 1985
Exhibit - F-15 Strike Eagle I
Rob "Bomber" Henderson remembers: "F15 Strike Eagle .This was my first Microprose sim. It was very arcade in it's style compared to the others that I had flown until then. You had several missions you could fly around the world, bombing various Communist or Arabic military establishments. You had AIM9 and AIM7 missiles at your disposal aswell as the usual freefall bombs and 20mm cannon.

The missions always started with you in the air, and to land, all you needed to do was overfly your home base below a certain height.

Battle damage was measured in varying degrees of erratic movements from the aircraft rather than specific systems being knocked out. I recall that after several hits the jet really could become a challenge to "fly".

The bad guys were MiG23, MiG-21 and Su22. Mind you, with the wire frame graphics you couldn't tell them apart, you just took it for granted that they were what they were from the pre-flight briefing!

 F-15 Strike Eagle I cockpit

The ground targets were nothing special, just a huge wire, flat triangle, which unless you were really unco-ordinated were virtually impossible to miss. The game also had the most hideous music during the options screens and the de-briefing. Fuel consumption and times scales were quite funny. You could do a round trip of Libya in about 5 minutes!!

The difficulty levels didn't have much between them, and I ended up completing all the missions inverted after a while. It was fun if you wanted a really quick blast 'em up five minutes ( the game took only a few minutes to load ), but as far as the development of flight sims go, I think it was almost a step backwards when you compare with earlier items such as ACE. "

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