F-15 Strike Eagle II - 1989
F-15 Strike Eagle II

First impressions (1998) for F-15 Strike Eagle II (1989)

In 1989 F-15 Strike Eagle II had one of the richest and most interactive sim environments ever seen.The world was full of activity from enemy fighters and ships. Who can forget "Director Mode", which let you sit back and watch as the sim followed the action. Pour a cup of coffee, grab a donut and watch the action unfold!

Each theatre of operations contained SAM sites and airbases which interacted (shot at) the player as he/she ventured into bandit country. It wasn't unusual for bandits to chase you home or even harass you while trying to land!

The world in F-15 Strike Eagle II was never boring.

The enemy had an endless stream of fighters scrambling to intercept you and unlimited SAM's. Luckily your radar had a 360 degree coverage and showed air and ground targets, AND missiles!

One major difference between F-15 II and todays sims is that you always flew alone, without a wingman.


Here you can see two enemy fighters behind me and a friendly locked up in front.

Missile Lock!
The on-board "Television Camera System" gave a close up view of the target.

Moving Map Display

The manual was packed with information and in retrospect was way ahead of the sim, describing tactics which really became feasible and necessary with the sequel F-15 Strike Eagle 3 and later on Janes F-15.