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From the manual


" First and foremost, thank you for investing in F-16: Aggressor. As a project it has proved to be challenging, stimulating and ultimately rewarding. We hope that Aggressor retains all of these qualities, as they are integral to our intention to deliver a product combining maximum accuracy and realism with the adrenaline of pure excitement. In this fashion, F-16: Aggressor has ignored conventional flight-sim taboos by incorporating, as its primary objective, authenticity and playability.

F-16: Aggressor

Many of you will be aware of accepted flight simulation protocol. However some of you will be new to the genre and we have endeavoured to create a simulation that is accessible to novices and veterans alike.

We have the advantage of having what we believe to be the only F-16C flight model that accurately depicts the real aircraft's fly by wire system and the aerial manoeuvrability which this permits.

Aggressor reacts exactly as the real F-16 does, constantly adjusting the flight surfaces in response to the pilot's actions. This was vital to the project. Too many products claim a perfect flight model, only to be subsequently improved upon in the next version of the game. Aggressor's flight model cannot be improved upon! It is already as accurate as the US military will allow.

Aggressor's 3D world contains over 900 billion square metres of fully texture-mapped terrain, which is mapped to 1 km2 resolution. The four areas of Africa depicted in Aggressor are geographically very different and have been extensively rendered. Various times of day and weather conditions are simulated, with atmospheric clouds and drifting mists adding to the diversity of the visual experience. The Kingdom of Morocco, in the far north-west of Africa, features an Atlantic seaboard to the west and the Atlas Mountain range. The remaining three arenas are situated in sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia, to the south-east, is also mountainous, boasting the sacred green waters of Lake Tana, 6000 feet above sea level. Kenya and Tanzania, further south, lie within the Great Rift Valley and share a border which passes close by the famous Serengeti Plain, Lake Natron, the world's largest soda lake (yes, it is red!) and the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain.

Most southern of all the campaign arenas is the island of Madagascar, lying in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Mozambique, famed for its red earth and unique wildlife, in particular the indigenous Prancing Lemur.

F-16: Aggressors cockpit has been designed to exactly reproduce that of a real F-16C block 50/52 with every possible feature being linked into Aggressor's flight computer, which then responds to all flight conditions.

A completely original, digitally recorded music score, Doppler sound effects, 3D sound and real time voice samples, underpin the whole of the F-16: Aggressor package. It only remains to be said that we hope you enjoy F-16: Aggressor. We have worked to create a simulation that is intuitive and enjoyable to play while retaining a degree of accuracy usually found only in military simulators, and to this end we feel we have succeeded. We hope that after playing F-16: Aggressor you will agree. "

Phil Allsopp, MD