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Exhibit - F-16 Aggressor

Cockpit: HUD (Heads Up Display) modes

HUD (Heads Up Display) modes
Discrete Mode Function
NAV Navigation Waypoint navigation
LND Landing Landing
MSLS Missiles Air-to-air missile launch
LCOS Lead Computed Optical Sight Cannon fire
DGFT Dogfight Air-to-air missile launch and cannon fire
CCIP CCIP Pre Dumb/unguided bomb launch
CCIP CCIP Post Guided bomb launch
EO Electro Optical Air-to-ground guided missile launch
ARM Anti Radiation Missile Air-to-ground anti-radiation missile launch
STRF Strafe Cannon/rocket fire at ground target

The HUD has 10 modes, from NAV, AA, AG to landing.

You can zoom in and out, which proved very useful for landing and gun kills.

From the manual