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Exhibit - F-16 Aggressor

The Flight Model

From the manual

Tom Low :

" What is it that sets this flight model apart from what has been seen to date in the computer game market? Simply, it is the attention to detail, and a commitment on the part of the flight dynamics developers not to be satisfied with anything less than the highest level of realism and accuracy.

The developers of the real-time flight dynamics engine used in this product have focused their efforts over the past seven years on the development of the highest fidelity flight dynamics models. These models have been used by the US Air Force, major Defence Contractors and by companies throughout the U.S., specialising in military simulations for the U.S. Defence department.

The creative force responsible for the development of this F-16 model is both an aeronautical engineer, and a licensed pilot with over 2600 hours in various types of aircraft. The company was formed with the sole purpose of raising the standards of PC based simulation to a level of realism, to date found only in the most advanced military and airline training simulators.

The F-16 model contained in this product is unique in the PC game market, in that it incorporates a full non-linear aerodynamic model, including transonic and supersonic effects, with a six degree of freedom dynamic model, and an explicit and complete model of the fly-by-wire flight control system (FLCS). In the simulator, as in the actual aircraft, this system processes and interprets the control stick and pedal inputs based on a complex control law which ultimately determines the angles of the control surfaces; the flaperons, elevons, and rudder. "

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