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Exhibit - F-16 Aggressor

Vehicle modelling

Image Designation Role Specs and Comments
MAZ-543 Scud-B Launcher
MRLS Multiple Launch Rocket System
  • Armament: 227mm Rockets
  • Range: 40km
  • Crew: 3
SA-4 Mobile SAM Launcher
SHAQ Shahine SAM Radar Site
SHFR Shahine SAM Launche
T-63 Main Battle Tank
T-72 Main Battle Tank
T-80 Main Battle Tank
Jeep Military transport | Logistics | Recon
Truck - articulated Logistics
Train Fairly simple modelling on the train, but of course quite adequate for an object that you will normally see as you race past at 300 m.p.h. Note the careful texturing on the tracks - a quite convincing illusion of 3D is created.