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F-22 Lightning 3

Air to Air - Attack Display

The Attack Display - F11 - can be superimposed over any view and contains a wealth of information, similar in symbology to the Map Display.

When you have an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Command System) aloft in the area the F22 enjoys a 360 degree radar coverage. Without the AWACS download the radar cone covers about 90 degrees azimuth in front of the aircraft.

Attack Display
Your aircraft. Notice that unlike the map, which shows your direction of travel as it changes, the Attack Display shows the position of object in relation to the your aircraft, which is always shown as traveliing "up" the display, towards 12'o'clock in clock terms Your aircraft
Enemy aircraft Enemy aircraft
Friendly aircraft, heading away Friendly aircraft
The attack display also shows the range of objects. The range of the display can be adjusted with the S and X keys. In this example the display is showing 42 nautical miles and the selected target is at about 20 nautical miles range. Range to target

The Attack Display
The Attack Display

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