F22 Lightning 3 F22 Lightning 3 F22 Lightning 3

F-22 Lightning 3

Using the Tactical Map Display

The Map display - M - gives you a quick picture of where you are in relation to targets, airports, SAM sites and the navigation plan. Let's have a look at that information piece by piece.

Tactical Map Display
Here is your F22 Your aircraft
flying towards Navigation point 3 Navigation point
An enemy aircraft.. actually there are two aircraft there. We know they are enemies because the computer has drawn them in RED. The White Circle around them means that they have been designated as a target. Enemy aircraft
Further to the right we see two FRIENDLY F-18 Hornets flying away.

The Light Blue Rectangle denotes a runway. This alignment of the runway is accurately shown, which is very helpful when planning your approach for landing.

Tactical Map in F22
Tactical Map in F22

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