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F-22 Lightning 3


Installation was a breeze. The full install only took 343 meg of disk space, which was modest by 1999 standards The Patch installation wasn't such a breeze.

Clicking on the Update Product button opened my internet connection and activated the Novalogic Update wizard. This downloaded a newer version of itself from the Novalogic server, which took a minute, then it checked for the latest patch and downloaded that, which took about 90 minutes at 3.0 k per second... it's a 13 Meg file. (That was with a 38K modem and a pretty good connection.)

This system makes updating painless and I dare say much less intimidating for the less 'computer literate' users than having to find a website and locate the patch.

Of course Murphy's Law applied as usual and the connection dropped out with a "reset by server" message. Ok, try again!

Murphy wasn't done with me yet.

Now the sim wouldn't start at all!....Grrrrrrrr.
I guess it had 1/2 installed the update.
So off to www.novalogic.com then F-22 Lightning 3, then updates.

Download L3UPD8.EXE.

Patch Features

CTRL+SHIFT+T allows you to chat directly to other players in the game -- You can cycle between players with the [ and ] keys.
You are now able to bleed the fuel from the aircraft's tanks by pressing SHIFT+F -- Hold these keys down to bleed fuel to desired level.

Parked next to a C-5 Galaxy transport.
Parked next to a C-5 Galaxy transport.

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