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F-22 Raptor

Conclusions - by Vincent Jamart

" Released in 1996 and running under MS-DOS, this game is the first of Novalogic's series of F-22 sims.

When this game was released the best graphic card was the Matrox Mystique and all the brand new games were smoother and had more detailed planes.

Novalogic's 3D engine "VoxelSpace2" (also used in Comanche 3 and Armored Fist 2) permits a well-detailed game (look at the mountains!) on a small PC : a P100 with a S3 card was enough to have fun.

(Note: CPU2Kill reported that he managed to run it on a 486-66 mHz - MiGMan)

Novalogic has also included Dolby surround support with this game.

You have lots of training and combat missions with the F-22 (escort AirForceOne etc). You have also 4 campaigns in different environments: Desert, Jungle and Snow, Island.

The gameplay is easy (too much for myself), like F-29 Retaliator and the flight engine isn't the most realistic I guess. So pure simulators fans won't like it as much as flightsim beginners."

MiGMan thanks Vincent Jamart for these recollections.

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