F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator
Exhibit - F-29 Retaliator

Arizona Training Mission Briefs


The enemy vehicles in Retaliator have a dark-grey camouflage, whilst your own forces are green/brown. Enemy Battleships are also dark-grey. To differentiate between enemy and friendly aircraft, only enemies show on your radar. Similarly the FOF (Friend or Foe) system prevents you from launching a missile upn a friendly airborne target.

Note: there are 3 tanks in a battalion and 3 planes per squadron in this sim.


  1. Mission 1: Hit the two canvas targets in Sector 7B.
  2. Mission 2: A convoy of retired trucks are moving along the east-west highway. Destroy all trucks in Sector 8A-8H.
  3. Mission 3: Hit the freight trains on the rail line in Sector A3.
  4. Mission 4: Destroy the SAM sights (sic) and their radar control station in Sector 5D.
  5. Mission 5: Hit the Test Bridge in the Yuscon firing range and avoid the electronic SAM simulators located in the area F8.
  6. Mission 6: Engage the Drone MiG-29B Fulcrum Fighters in your vicinity. Two must be destroyed.
  7. Mission 7: Attack the mock-tank formations crossing the Nevada Plains in Sector 3A
  8. Mission 8: Destroy the industrial complex in Sector 1C.
  9. Mission 9: Destroy the airbase in Sector 4C and the main runway, drone fighters are located at this base.
  10. Mission 10: Destroy the enemy command centre, avoiding the complex SAM network located in Sector 1E. This is perhaps the most difficult mission on the North American test range.

MiGMan thanks Richard Leszcynskifor the info.