F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator
Exhibit - F-29 Retaliator


Hitting the silk was all too frequent an occurence for my taste!

A real city! I spy a skyscraper or two, roads....
A real city! I spy a skyscraper or two, roads...

Flight Envelope for the F-22 (as tested on an Atari ST)
The flight envelope as it tested on my Atari ST.

The F-22

Atari ST, PC, Commodore AMIGA.

Gunther Muller remembers: "F-29 Retaliator was also published on the AMIGA besides the PC and ST versions you mention; as far as I remember the minimum requirements were 1 MB of RAM and I kept on playing it quite a bit because the detailed and fast graphics setting new standards for AMIGA flight sims."

Designers: Digital Image Design
Publisher: Ocean

The innovations seen in F-29 Retaliator matured in later DID sims - check out all the DID sims here.