F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator
Exhibit - F-29 Retaliator

SCENARIO 3. Middle East

SCENARIO 3. Middle East
MISSION Target(s) to destroy Best Weapon
1. Bravo Group of tanks in 4A CSW + M-RICK
2. Pogie 2 MIG's 29 AA missiles
3. Alpha Radar in 4D M-RICK
4. Foxstrike Bridge in 3F ASALM + AA missiles
5. Lizard Truck convoy in 3C-4C CSW
6. Charlie Runway in 2H MRASM + AA missiles
Next day, 14th July 2002
1. Moonstruck Factory in 3B ASALM
2. Rogue Factory in 2G ASALM
3. Pincer Tank group 3 CSW + M-RICK + AA
4. Torch Radar in 4A M-RICK
5. Crossfire 3 oil tanks in 1F 3 M-rick + AA missiles!
Next day, 16th July 2002
1. Mayday 2 MIG's AA missiles
2. Lord Tank group in 4B 3 CSW
3. Torture Bridge in 2B MRASM + AA missiles
4. Romeo Factory in 1F M-RICK + AA missiles
Next day, 25th July 2002
1. Heat Tank convoy in 1D-1E CSW
2. Juno 5 MIG's AA missiles
3. Warrior Factory in 1C M-RICK/ASALM
4. Gold Tank group in 2E CSW
Next day, 29th July 2002
1. Ajax Runway in 2A MRASM
2. Dawn Factory in 1D M-RICK/ASALM
3. Zeus Tank group in 3C CSW
4. Red 5 MIG's AA missiles
Next day, 3rd August 2002
1. Standstill Factory in 1A M-RICK
2. Vice Tank group in 1A CSW
3. Thunder 5 MIG's AA missiles
Abyss Nuclear cruising missile AA-missiles from 7H to 7A
P.S Missile is brighter than MIG's

MiGMan thanks Fernando Ortegafor the info.