F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator
Exhibit - F-29 Retaliator

SCENARIO 4. Europe

SCENARIO 4. Europe
MISSION Target(s) to destroy Best Weapon
1. MIG cap 2 MIG's AA missiles
2. Bomb cap 3 SU 27 AA missiles
3. Intercept 2 SU 27 AA missiles
4. Tom Cat 3 MIG'S AA missiles
5. Aggressor Tank group in 6E CSW + M-RICK
6. Fire hand Tank group in 8G CSW + M-RICK
7. Iron hand S.A.M. (4 units) in 3D M-RICK
8. Backbreaker Bridge in 4D ASALM/MRASM
9. Limelight Truck convoy in 8H-8G CSW
0. Linebacker III Runway in MRASM + AA missiles
Next day, 21th Sep 2002
1. Jawbreaker Bridge in 6D ASALM/MRASM
2. Four star 3 oil tanks in 1F M-RICK
3. Big Ear S.A.M.(4 units) in 7D M-RICK
4. Deep throat Runway in 3H MRASM
5. Strike out 6 MIG's AA missiles
6. Tin Can Alley Tank group in 7E CSW
Next day, 26th Sep 2002
1. Iron Bridge in 8E ASALM/MRASM
2. Titan Truck convoy in 8E-8F CSW
3. Snake Eye Tank group in 5H CSW
4. Grind Factory in 5H ASALM/2M-RICK
5. Lights out Power plant (2 tubes) in 5H2 M-RICS
6. Fly by 3 MIG's AA missiles

MiGMan thanks Fernando Ortegafor the info.

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