F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator F-29 Retaliator
Exhibit - F-29 Retaliator

SCENARIO 4. Europe - cont.

SCENARIO 4. Europe
MISSION Target(s) to destroy Best Weapon
Next day, 2nd Oct 2002
1. Op. Wolf 3 MIG's AA missiles
2. Avenger Tank group in 3F CSW + M-RICK
3. Op. Tbolt Factory & oil tanks in 7H 3M-RICK & AA missiles
4. Op. Bear Factory in 2H M-RICK & AA missiles
5. Express Train in 4H-8H CSW
6. Untouchables 3 SU27 AA missiles
Next day, 5th Oct 2002
1. Venus 3 MIG's AA missiles
2. Venus 2 3 MIG's AA missiles
3. Counter Tank group in 6F CSW
4. Backache Bridge in 7H M-RICK + AA missiles
5. Trax Factory in 8G M-RICK
6. Flame Oil tank in 8H AA missiles + M-RICK
Next day, 11th Oct 2002
1. Burst Runway in 6H MRASM + AA missiles
2. Mercury 5 MIG's AA missiles
3. Man Hunt Tank group in 4G CSW
4. On-Line Building in 7H (near railroad) M-RICK
5. Saturn Train in 4H-8H CSW
6. Mars Factory in 8H M-RICK & AA missiles
Saviour Nuclear cruising missile AA-missiles
P.S Missile is brighter than MIG's

MiGMan thanks Fernando Ortegafor the info.