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F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997
Exhibit: F/A-18 Korea


Ground Control Shift G
Control Tower Shift T
Flight Ops Shift O
Approach Control Shift C
Landing Signal Officer Shift L
Wingman Messages
Add Shift to talk to second wingman.
Trail Formation F10
Echelon Formation F9
Lead F12
Combat Spread F11
Add Shift to talk to second wingman.
Engage F2
Resume Mission F3
Lead F12
Bracket Left F5
Bracket Right F6
Split High F7
Split Low F8
Help Me F1
Return to Base F4

Russian Bear Bomber.
Russian Bear Bomber.

Good communication with your wingman is the only way you will handle multiple threats effectively.

Refer to the F/A-18 Hornet Korea manual page 175 for an explanation of verbal messages from your wingmen

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