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F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997
Exhibit: F/A-18 Korea



1998 - FlightSim.com

There is a new version F/A-18 Korea Gold (F/A-18 Korea 1.2) available.


  • supports current-generation 3D graphic video cards via OpenGL, as well as 3dfx Voodoo (Glide)
  • To better take advantage of the capabilities of these new cards, graphic detail has been enhanced through higher resolution terrain textures
  • better atmospherics
  • volumetric clouds
  • Screen resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 are supported.

Graphic Simulations Corporation reviewed at MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum - www.migman.com
Graphic Simulations Corporationin profile.

F/A-18 3.0
F/A-18 Korea
F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter

Official site - www.graphsim.com

Approaching the runway at dawn.

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