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F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997 F/A-18 Korea - 1997
Exhibit: F/A-18 Korea


TACAN Identifiers

TACAN ID's in Hornet Korea
Hawaii Training Area
NAS Barber's Point BRP
Honolulu Int A/p HNL
Military OLF HML
USS Enterprise E65
Korean Theatre
Seoul Int A/p SOL
Chuncheon CNN
Maeng San MEG
Dongducheon DUC
Kaesong KEG
Ichon ION
Hyonni HYN
USS Enterprise E65
NAS Fallon Multiplayer area
NAS Fallon NFL
Gabbs GAB
Austin AUS
Red USS Enterprise R65
Blue USS Enerprise B65

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