F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998 F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998
Exhibit - F/A-18E Super Hornet

Release Date - 1999
Platform - PC
Developer - Digital Integration (DI)
Publisher -
In collection - Yes
Comments - It demands your full attention... it detects you are not giving full attention... and then turns around and bites you hard! The computers do their best to fly the plane where you point it, but can't rescue you from gross errors of judgement like my low loops! From a hard-core point of view I like this... it forces you to correct sloppy habits and get into the checklist mentality.. getting into a "landing state of mind"" when landing... not dwelling on the fantastic dogfight you just had / didn't have. This indeed is the essence of creating an immersive sim!


Overview of the sim - VIDEO

Introduction - VIDEO

Intro video - Gallery 01

Flying the plane

Touch and go and loop - VIDEO

Take Off
HASELL checks
Fence Check
Key commands
Why is the flight model so good?
Cockpit Elements
Cockpit layout diagram
HUD symbology (basic)
View modes

Fighting the Plane

Mission Planning - Waypoints

Padlock view

Air to Ground

Valley of death - VIDEO
Air to Gound: Pop-up bombing - VIDEO

Carrier Ops:

Carrier take off - VIDEO
Carrier finals and landing - VIDEO

Carrier Takeoff
Catapult Launch
In small pictures
You start here...
Ready for the cat shot
The shot
Off the deck
Looking back

Carrier Landings

Finding the Carrier
Auto Carrier Landings
Manual Carrier Landings
The Approach Point
10 miles out
On Final Approach
Bolters and Wave-Offs
The Jetsons

Carrier landing videos

HUD symbology (basic)
Deck Crew on the carrier. The end Digital Integration in the Flight Sim Museum


India campaign - Intro video

India campaign - Gallery 02

Barents Sea campaign - Intro video

Barents Sea campaign - Gallery 03

Downloads and Patches

Downloads and Patches
Indian Scenery upgrade

CLICK TO READ ABOUT the Indian Scenery upgrade


All the Ships
All the Vehicles

Air to Gound videos


All the aircraft
All the Helicopters
Ground Attack Aircraft
Ground Attack Sukhois
The mighty Tupelovs
Enemy Fighters
Radical Take-offs
Juicy targets in the Barents Sea..
Sabre Dance

The Package

The Packaging


Hardware Requirements

First Impressions

MiGMan took a ride in the beta version way back in October 1999.
First Flight and low level
Getting lost
On the Carrier


1 - a demanding sim
2 - Air Combat
3 - Low level excitement
4 - Night and day


Music composition and production - Dave Punshon and Richard Wells.

" We felt really sad when DI finished. Dave Marshall and Rod Swift and the crew there were ahead of their time,(imho). We also made the music for Tornado, Apache, Hind and F-16 for DI and had a lot of fun working with these experts."
- Dave Punshon, 2010.


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