F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998 F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998
Exhibit - F/A-18E Super Hornet

Carrier Ops

Auto Carrier Landings
Navigation Master Mode End
Activate the Instrument Landing system Activate the ILS
When the aircraft moves into the ILS the ship begins sending commands through the data link. ILS data on the HUD
Select Autopilot Autopilot
Set Autopilot Coupled Mode Autopilot Mode
Auto Pilot ON A
Engage Auto Throttle
The aircraft will enter a circuit pattern and circle the carrier
Ctrl - A
As the a/c flies you over the carrier, request permission to land.

You may do a few circuits of the pattern before landing, you can use this opportunity to watch the other aircraft doing circuits and landing. As soon as the aircraft touches the deck, proceed to the touchdown checklist.

Hint: Letting the ACLS land the plane for you a few times is a great way to get a feel for the rhythm of a carrier landing. Watch the altitude and speed changes as the plane flies to touchdown.

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