F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998 F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998
Exhibit - F/A-18E Super Hornet

Super Hornet is a demanding sim.

It demands your full attention... it detects you are not giving full attention... turns around and bites you hard!

I've lost track of the new and exciting ways I found to auger in:
  • Stalling in straight and level flight
  • Stalling in a slow turn
  • Stalling upside down
  • Coming out of a loop too fast and too low
  • .. and many more I coudn't analyse at the time
The flight model gives you the impression of handling a nimble and heavy airframe. The computers do their best to fly the plane where you point it, but can't rescue you from gross errors of judgement like my low loops!

From a hard-core point of view I like this... it forces you to correct sloppy habits and get into the checklist mentality.. getting into a "landing state of mind"" when landing... not dwelling on the fantastic dogfight you just had / didn't have.

This indeed is the essence of creating an immersive sim!
The constant narration from the pilot will be much appreciated by beginners, but the option of toggling it off would be nice!

Download this patch to turn off the pilot voice

Uh oh...
You can see by the contrails that I'm descending at a terrific rate. This often turned out to be a fatal manouever for me.

Your wingmen seem pretty competent at their jobs, but you never see them once they have taken off! After a couple of weeks I tried to rein them in and alter the default flight plans. It was still damn hard to get a tally on them... maybe this is realistic? After all the aircraft and ground objects are all rather small at a mile and the Super Hornet likes to cruise along at 550 knots, so your chance of a close encounter with another Hornet is pretty low. And while we're there... how about that wingman communication menu!

Please please DI, implement a drop down wingman command menu activated by the ~ key with numbers for the sub-menus and commands.

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