F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998 F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998
Exhibit - F/A-18E Super Hornet

Speaking of flying low...

Speaking of flying low...this is an area where Super Hornet excels. The texture mapped ground - using "micro textures" - whizzes by at a breathtaking rate once get down to a few hundred feet. It is perfectly possible to fly at 50 or 100 feet and once the tracers start whizzing by I tended to hunker down in my seat and fly under the arcs of death.

Of course I occasionally MET an arc of death which resulted in fires, MFD loss.. and occasionally BBABOOOM!

Which leads me to lament the lack of a nice - arcade style - ejection sequence. You know, the kind you like to show to friends and relatives. A nice ejection sequence also gives you the opportunity to swing in your chute and check out the surrounding mayhem. Never mind - a small gripe.

A T-72 tank in the thick of it.
T-72 tank in the thick of it

Mayhem is an area that Super Hornet excels in. Get a cup of your favourite brew, pull up a chair and check out the amazing ground action. Tank battles with units firing as they retreat or advance, artillery pieces doing their thing, truly a movie-within-a-sim.

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