F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998 F/A-18E SuperHornet by Digital Integration - 1998
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Mission Planning - Waypoints explained


  • Departure - Waypoint A (yellow square symbol) is the location of your aircraft on an airfield prior to take-off. This waypoint cannot be moved. If you are on an airfield then there may be several waypoints prior to the takeoff position.
  • Carrier Takeoff - The alternative for waypoint A, the Carrier Takeoff waypoint (also a yellow square symbol) indicates the location of your carrier at the start of the mission. In a carrier-based mission, this waypoint will always be first, and followed by.
  • Carrier post-takeoff - This waypoint type is used to mark the point at which you assert control of the aircraft after the hands-free takeoff.
  • Turning - These are points where the flightplan changes course. Turning waypoints are shown with a circular symbol and are labelled sequentially B, C, D etc. Each waypoint marks the beginning of the turn onto the next leg of the flightplan. The radius of turn will be governed by the pre-planned speed at the turning point.
  • Initial Point - This is the waypoint prior to a Target waypoint. It marks the beginning of the attack run. Labelled in sequence with Turning waypoints.
  • Target - Target waypoints are triangular, labelled sequentially X, Y and Z, and mark the location of pre-planned targets.
  • Mine Lay - This is a variation of a target point, indicating where mines must be dropped within a set radius. They are shaped and labelled the same as Target waypoints .
  • Reconnaissance - These are points in the flightplan where you are required to transmit reconnaissance data. Reconnaissance waypoints are triangular and labelled sequentially X, Y and Z.
  • CAP Start and CAP End - Used to set up a Combat Air Patrol station. The positions of these waypoints define an oval .racetrack. around which the patrolling aircraft will fly.
  • Carrier Pre-approach - When your mission recalls you to a carrier, this waypoint is used to direct you back to the immediate vicinity of the ship. Its position will be updated during the course of your flight to account for the carrier.s movements.
  • Approach / Carrier Approach - This waypoint precedes your Landing waypoint and marks the beginning of your approach to touchdown. It is labelled in the same sequence as Turning waypoints. This waypoint cannot be moved.
  • Landing / Carrier Landing - This is always the last waypoint in your flightplan and is your point of touchdown. This waypoint cannot be moved.
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