F/A-18 Interceptor<

F/A-18 Interceptor

Greg Stewart remembers:

" It was the best flight sim, all crammed in a single low density floppy!

Reading your intro's, I fondly remember my skills in reverse thrust which enabled me to land on short submarines! and later do a three (or more?) point turn across a narrow sub and take off with the barest of margins.

The tracking view (FA-18) from the carrier command centre was a fantastic function, many miles away I line up the FA-18 with afterburners to fly at low altitude (just above the carrier deck level ) by using the zoom view. I return to the carrier position and pretend I'm having coffee on a peaceful day. My audio HI FI is turned up high..............boy! once the plane comes, I am tracking the plane from afar and barely see anything till the rumble and glances of the decals of the FA-18. It's like the Topgun movie!.

The other thing was the great sounds of the turbine engines rumbling on my Hi Fi speakers, I am yet to come across a Flight simulator with that sort of realistic sound."

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