Fighters Anthology brought the DOS sims US Navy Fighters, Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, NATO Fighters and the Windows sim USNF '97 into one collection under Windows.
Exhibit: Fighters Anthology (1998)

MiGMan's Operation C.O.R.K.

Vladivostock 1999

Set in Vladivostock 1999, MiGMan's Operation C.O.R.K. takes you on a campaign involving North Korean Chinese and American forces in a struggle over access to the port of Vladivostock.

The campaign map

Read through the F/A-18 Hornet missions.
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Read through the F-14D Tomcat missions.
Download the F-14 missions

Read through the MiG-21 Fishbed missions.
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Installing the missions

The MiG-21 cockpit -

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