Fighters Anthology brought the DOS sims US Navy Fighters, Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, NATO Fighters and the Windows sim USNF '97 into one collection under Windows.
Title - Fighters Anthology (1998)

Chino's Favourite Books Missions


" I have always enjoyed reading military novels and techno-thrillers, especially those in which air combat figures heavily. I also enjoy building and flying missions for combat flight sims. A few years back I decided to combine these interests and build some missions based on scenes from a few of my favorite military action novels.

At the time (1996), I was flying mainly in Jane's ATF with the NATO Fighters expansion disc. It contained a good mix of flyable aircraft, terrain areas, and ground objects as well as a pretty decent mission builder. Since then, all of the aircraft in ATF/NATO Fighters (and more) have been released in Jane's Fighters Anthology (JFA). I have recently tested these missions in JFA, and they still work. So read the books -- fly the books -- have fun. If you build missions for other sims based on these books, please let me know."