Flight Simulator II Flight Simulator II
Title - Flight Simulator II

Flight Simulator II on the TRS-80.

Raif "Bolter" Palmer remembers:

"The game was released for the TRS-80 Model I Level II and ran with 16k from a tape drive.  Black and white monitor.  Huge chunky "graphics", basically a grid with VERY basic outlines of a runway and control tower, and 2-D "flat" mountains bordering a square grid of small size as "terrain."  You could fly the "Sopwith Camel" and shoot using the spacebar and drop "bombs" on targets on the ground. The enemy planes were represented with asterisks and signs like

<   *   >

I think. VERY basic stuff, but all that existed then, and very cool for us then in 5th or 6th grade. The game was later also released for the Apple and early IBM PC I believe. "

Raif "Bolter" Palmer