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FS Scenery Enhancer

FS Scenery Enhancer was published by www.lagoonline.com in 2002.

It adds the ability to add and manipulate objects within Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, creating your own scenery enhancements.


: " What makes this product special is that the whole process of scenery enhancing takes place INSIDE Flight Simulator 2002 and not in a separate program as was the only option to this moment. There is no code to write, no compiling needed.

Using a very simple, clean and fast interface the user selects an object and places it in the FS world. After it has been placed it can be manipulated (scaled, rotated etc) and deleted. Placing an object take only seconds and dressing up a simple bare airport to full blown scenery takes minutes and not hours as it used to need.

The product can be used by all flightsim users; no special qualifications or skills are needed. In fact the short version of the manual will be one a single page and will enough to use ALL options of the FS Scenery Enhancer.

The objects are placed in libraries -
  • Animals
  • Humans
  • Vegetation
  • Airport support vehicles
  • Civilian vehicles
  • Ground elements
  • Airport Lighting
  • Airport objects
  • Airport Buildings
  • Ships
  • General Objects
  • Aircraft

Hardware requirements

Links : www.lagoonline.com

FS Scenery Enhancer

FS Scenery Enhancer

FS Scenery Enhancer

Box Art - FS Scenery Enhancer

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