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FS Traffic 2 FS Traffic 2 was published by www.lagoonline.com in 1999.

It adds Moving aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.


: " You will see up to 30 realistic aircraft at any one time!

FSTraffic allows you to :
  • Automatically generate landing and departing traffic on any ILS-equipped runway!
  • Create customized traffic around your preferred airport.
  • Recreate the pattern flown in your preferred airport.
  • Download customized traffic patterns at this web site for FREE
  • Exchange traffic patterns with your friends.
  • Convert Aircraft in FSTraffic’s own format and see them generate traffic patterns in any installed scenery.
  • Hear pilots asking for clearances and ATC responding to them.
  • Set the frame-rate you need to fly
  • Traffic patterns are wind-dependent! If wind changes, planes will use different runways to land and take-off.
  • FSTraffic checks for possible aircraft collision. If you are waiting the clearance at the holding point and traffic planes are lined behind you they will wait until YOU clear the area before moving!

Hardware requirements

Links : www.lagoonline.com

FS Traffic 2

FS Traffic 2

FS Traffic 2

Box Art - FS Traffic 2

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