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V speeds

V speed IAS Definition Comments
  n/a Tail up  
V1   Minimum single engine speed for takeoff.  
VR   Rotate speed  
V2   Decision Speed.  
VTOFF   Takeoff  
VCLIMB   Best sustainable climb speed  
VECON CRUISE   Most economical cruise speed  
VY   Max. Rate of Climb  
VX   Max Angle of Climb  
VA   Manoeuvering speed  
VNE   Velocity - Never Exceed  
VS0   Stall speed in clean config.  
VS1   Stall speed - landing config.  
VLIM FLAPS   Max FLAPS lowering speed  
VLE   Maximum Landing Gear Entension speed  
VAPPROACH   Rec. approach speed  
VLANDING   Rec. landing speed  
These screenshots were created with an ATI Radeon 9600 XTgraphics card.

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