Exhibit - Falcon

Commodore Amiga version

" The aircraft itself was so slippery you had a sensitivity option on the keyboard to help tone it down a bit. There was also an emergency recovery button, which if you pressed, would automatically level the F16 out - however, if you were in a spin it didn't help.

Spins were caused ( among other things ) by having the gear down above 300kts, or stalling with an ECM pod or fueltank on the centreline.

I did find that if you did enter a spin, a quick way to recover was get the airspeed below 300kts using speed brakes and throttling back, then, if the gear was up, drop then raise it, or if the gear was down, raise then drop it again - hey presto the jet would continue merrily on it's way.

If altitude was low, you could also hold the recovery button while doing the gear. This sim also had a very basic form of a padlock view. If you pressed the key, the cockpit view would switch to the one in the direction of the MiGs. "

ALQ-131 ECM pod

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

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