Exhibit - Falcon


Falcon launched myself and countless legions into the playing of air combat sims as a hobby.

It introduced me to the joys of head to head play and prepared me for those battles with the excellent inbuilt training mode which displayed common air combat manoeuvers as a series of floating rectangles to fly through. Also a MiG would appear before you and perform the demanded manoeuver - immelman, split-S, yo-yo etc. Where is the like today?.

One of the biggest challenges was to devise Rules of Engagament to spice up the basic head to head encounters, we often had a 3rd player act as "Ground Control", directing the encounters in such a way as to handicap the more skilled player.

Even though the mission selection was very limited I happily played them over and over and over, and the thrill of seeing that red - nosed MiG on my six never diminished!

Splash one!

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