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The Art of the Kill by Pete Bonnani

1993) -- Is this ALL about Falcon 3?!? No, but as one of the earliest serious and complex "study sims"," F3 inspired some good stuff!

It was realistic enough to apply many real world tactics, and this is what real-life Viper driver Pete Bonanni tried to show in this small book. AOTK is not as much a sim strategy guide as it is a brief introduction to BFM and ACM. These diagrams and explanations helped me to understand lag pursuit, turning circles, weapon envelopes, and other basics of air-to-air combat. There is a bit of "G for brains" orientation here (the F3 F-16 turns better than almost anything, so get to corner speed, pull 9G, take the shot), but this is a bit more manageable than starting with Shaw's "Fighter Combat". There was also an AOTK video which is now available on the web.

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MiGMan thanks Chinofor the scans.

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