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Falcon 3.0 was published in 1991 by Spectrum Holobyte. It was the sequel to Falcon.

Falcon 3.0 pushed the boundaries of Air Combat Sims its release. It had all the features anyone could dream of at the time and the gameplay was riveting. It was also demanding on hardware, needing a 486 with a maths co-processor to run the "High-Fidelity Flight Model". I can still remember, when I finally got a 486, the weird lurching as the flight model switched from lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity at about 200 knots.

The ACMI recorder ( Air Combat Manouevering Instrumentation) could record your entire mission and then play it back from cockpit, external or 3D diagrammatic perspectives.
The mission designer.allowed you to create complex strike missions, tasking different aircraft types with Wild Weasel (SEAD - Supression of Enemy Air Defenses ), CAP ( Combat Air Patrol) in Interdiction/ Strike.

Even today it's a hoot and if you only have a 486 you really can't get much more excitement than what's available in the Falcon battleground. Luckily you can adjust the AI of the SAM operators, AAA and enemy pilots because on the higher settings they are murderous!

Be warned though, Falcon 3 requires quite a lot of skill in configuring DOS memory to get it running.

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