Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0
Exhibit - Falcon 4.0

Falcon 4.0 - My first flights

The campaign in Falcon 4.0 models a full scale war on the Korean peninsula.

Luckily the difficulty levels are fully adjustable and caters to all levels from newcomers to the hardest of the hard- core simmer! At anything but lowest levels of difficulty it is very difficult to stay alive.

Rolling a Thunderbird!

I always wanted to join the Thunderbirds... not the best colour scheme for war, but hey, it looks great!

The smoke and atmosperic effects were very special, state of the art in 1998.

Falcon 4.0

F-16 on fire

Follow the smoke trail back from the F-16 and you can see where 2 missiles exploded, spoofed by countermeasures.

You'd be well advised to go through the tutorials.... and practise... practise.. practise.


I really should take my own advice!