Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0 Falcon 4.0
Exhibit - Falcon 4.0


Contact Tower T
Altitude 2,000 ft
Speed 200 kts
Nav Mode
On Final
Speed 160 - 170 kts
Gear down G
Flight Path Marker on the runway
Throttle to idle
Airbrake extend B
Wheel Brakes on and hold K

Landing was "troublesome" for many players. Apparently the real F-16 responds to a heavy landing (within limits) with a bounce but the first release of the sim collapsed the undercarriage in this situation.

Read Chapter 3 of your manual. I found it very difficult to avoid either scraping the tail or collapsing the gear, so I adopted a "shallow and fast' approach... ( sounds like a good philosophy for living! ).

I simply kept the airspeed at about 170 kts and flew the plane all the way to the deck.

Gear down and locked
on finals

Parking the F-16