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From the Superpak manual:

"Welcome to 'the best of two worlds'! This is SuperPAK 1, the long-awaited 'unified exe', combining the advantages of the eFalcon and Realism patches into a single package, creating the ultimate combat flight simulator!

In relation to the original Falcon 4.0 (as released by Microprose), some of the most notable gameplay improvements found in SuperPAK are:
  • Vastly improved gameplay stability
  • Fearsome AI behaviour
  • Better avionics (this is an understatement...)
  • Realistic weapons, weapon systems and flight models (well...as close as it can be!)
  • A photorealistic F-16 cockpit (including a separate wide-view option)
  • Modeling of electronic warfare (ECM, stand-off jamming, integrated air defense system)
  • An improved graphics engine (DX7-compatible, 32bit, anisotropic filtering, Fast A2G radar)
  • Detailed textures (skins) for many airplanes and weapons
  • New wingman commands
  • Weather effects (reduced visibility, rain and snow, thunder and flashes)
  • Optional engine start-up sequence (Ramp start)
  • The ability to fly other planes than the F-16 and an automatic cockpit switcher
  • free external add-on's bring cockpits for other planes like the F-4, Mig-29, F-18, etc.
  • Basic carrier operations (trapping training missions for the F-14 and F-18 are included...)
  • 3D sound
  • Improved multiplayer experience including a central game server to find other online pilots
  • Zillions of bugfixes and corrections

Falcon 4.0 - SuperPAK

The Up Front Control Panel has had a face lift.

Falcon 4.0 - SuperPAK

Hey - that wasn't there before! SuperPAK adds more cockpit panels.

Falcon 4.0 - SuperPAK
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This work wouldn't have been possible without the countless work of a whole bunch of VERY dedicated people. SuperPAK lives of it's combination of RP5 and eFalcon 1.10: So first of all, our thanks go to the people who dedicated thousands of hours of professional work to build the base on which SuperPAK can stand today: Thanks to all of you out there! In addition, none of this would have been possible without the visionary design and outstanding achievement of Gilman Louie and his team at Microprose - thanks, thanks and thanks again! Last, but not least, we thank G2Interactive and Infogrames Inc., the current holders of the Falcon series intellectual property, for trusting us and allowing us to build the ultimate combat flight sim - Enjoy SuperPAK! - FALCON 4 UNIFIED TEAM (F4UT)