Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration
Exhibit - Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration

Be the Bully (1983 Style)

In stark contrast to flying the plane, air combat (no ground war available, sorry) was about as complicated as throwing darts.

You took off, located the target using the map, steered in the direction of the target and used onboard “radar” to get target altitude and bearing. Once the enemy bomber was spotted, you shot it down with cannon and headed for the next one. There were no missiles in the game, and no BVR combat to speak of-just Korean War-style “sniping”. If you failed to intercept a target, it would reach an airfield and bomb it out of existence. If you happened to be on the targeted runway at that time-you blew up. The target could get behind you in the air and inflict damage on the systems until you either reacquired it or escaped. Simple, huh?

Lined up for the shot

Dogfighting graphics in Fighter Pilot

No Eye Candy

Fighter Pilot visuals were Spartan to say the last. The sky was blue, the ground green and there were about two dozen airstrips and other objects placed in different locations on the map. There were no external views, just the rudimentary instrument panel view and the map. Enemy bombers were generic airplane shapes that always faced you and exploded in puffs of smoke when hit by gunfire. So much for the visuals.

In conclusion