Heroes of the 357th

Heroes of the 357th

" Electronic Arts was at the peak of flight simulation after first Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and then SU-25 Sturmovik . The P-51 Mustang is a nice plane for dogfight lovers, so they decided give it a try with Heroes of the 357th. But this time, Rick Tiberi and the great team behind SU-25 Sturmovik weren't the chosen ones: a unknown developer called Midnight Software did the program. And results were so-so.

The game never got much credit, but the experience wasn't futile, since you'll recognize some of the elements present on this one on Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. The Mustang was well-modelled and had a real 3D quality. And that was a start.. " - Francisco J. Campos- 2002

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Splash Screen
Arming screen
Cut Screen

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Heroes of the 357th splash screen -
The P-51 Mustang cockpit -
Heroes of the 357th - Aircraft